Our origins date back to the 17th century when Pere Abadal and his family established a small printing press in Moià (1657). Pere Abadal (Moià c. 1630 – 1684) was a Catalan xylographer and printer, progenitor of a great lineage of engravers and printers that continues to this day. His sons Josep Abadal i Fontcuberta (Moià c. 1660 – 1749) and Pau Abadal i Fontcuberta (Moià c. 1663 – Manresa 1729) continued the activity of this lineage, Pau installed the workshop in Manresa around 1718. Pau’s son, Andreu Abadal i Serra (Moià c. 1706 – Manresa 1778) was the successor of the house. A good part of the collection of stamps and stamps of the Abadal family is preserved in the Graphic Unit of the Biblioteca de Catalunya, which acquired them in 1924, a sign of the interest that the institution had in engraving stamps for some time. One branch of the Abadal family settled in Mataró and another (ours) settled in Tallers street in Barcelona at the beginning of the 19th century, passing through Mollet del Vallès in recent years to finally settle in Montornès del Vallès in the present.

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