Food traceability clamps

We make all kinds of clamps, of any type or size, being able to serve in different thicknesses, color or personalized printing.

Very useful to place in cages or directly to the piece, being resistant to freezing, drying and cooking together with the product.

Food traceability clamps

Maximum resistance to fat, moisture and tearing.

Made of high-density polyethylene from the POLYART® firm, which offers us a guarantee as a European product approved throughout the world for direct contact with cured, fresh, dry and frozen foods, having all the necessary certificates for its approval.

Conceived to present the product, with maximum versatility.

We can offer you a comprehensive and individualized service, advice and collaboration at all stages of the project.

Printed with low migration vegetable inks for direct contact with food, complying with the strictest CE directives on safety.

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Abadal Typography , we dress your product

Combining our experience and technology, we put at your disposal a whole human team, capable of getting excited and getting involved in each new challenge, that can advise you technically from the beginning, helping you to put your ideas on paper, thus becoming accomplices of your Projects.

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